Special Occasions:

Let me guess, you’ve been invited to a party, event or special occasion and want to turn a few heads.  Don’t be shy; let’s get you out there to impress some people!  Depending on the circumstances and the personality traits we want to highlight, I will apply exotic, elegant or subtly tasteful evening makeup.  I’ll apply false eyelashes to complete your overall stunning look.

Professional Photos:

In preparing for a family or corporate portrait you find yourself desiring to look natural, polished, healthy and confident, I will give you the touches necessary to make your features stand out.  Remember, these are visual mementos that last forever!

Business Occasions:

Prepare for an important business event, meeting, conference or presentation by looking your best.  Let me help you externally express the confidence you have and exude professionalism to others.  A makeup lesson package is also available to allow you to create that same look time and time again. 

Need to take your corporate pictures? No problem, I can make you (men or women) look great.

Modeling, Video and TV:

Rely on my services if you are in need of a makeup artist to prepare you to become camera ready or improve the overall quality of your shoots.  Professional makeup from an experienced artist will be noticeable in your photographs and increase your chances of getting booked and getting good results on camera. Win win for behind and on camera. 


If you're having a theme party or just a fun night for Halloween, I can make you stand out from the crowd and friends. Kids and adults will enjoy transforming into their hearts desire...which for some might be a cute kitten or for some a scary zombie.


Even men need a little pampering. If you need to look your best in a meeting, photo shoot or just have a scar or acne to cover up, I can help. Also, I can arrange a personal lesson on how to take care of your skin and product suggestions for your daily regimen. Give me a call or email for more details.

Bridal Makeup:

Pre-wedding consultation to discuss your chosen dress, wedding colors, and theme. This is optional, but recommended.

Wedding day application for bride and party.

Complimentary touchup lipstick or gloss.

We will work as a team to ensure that you look beautiful and are adequately prepared for your wedding day.

Professional Makeup Lessons:

Spend a fun two hours with me by learning to apply your own makeup.  Come prepared with the makeup bag you currently use and brushes so that we can discuss your routine, technique and address questions.  We will also highlight area that you would like to focus.  We can both work with what you already have and also explore new product options to create your desired look (note: I am not affiliated with any particular makeup production company.  Product suggestions made are to benefit you, not the sales of a conglomerate).


I am honored to receive emails from the LGBT community! I am offering makeup and lessons for any need. Call for more details and to schedule an appointment.

Payment Information:

Payment will be due at arrival, no exceptions. 

I use Square or cash, no checks please. Square takes Visa, MC, Amex and Discover cards.

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